• Andrea Haines

It's cow appreciation day!

I wanted to take a moment and really appreciate the amount of cattle I've photographed over my career.

Each one has a distinct "moooood" when it comes to their looks. Sometimes I get a nosy, in-your-face model and others a look of "oh, you're taking my picture, cool".

The best thing about cows is the affection that their caretakers share with them. A little head-scratch in the barnyard, down to a smooch on the muzzle, any way you see it, these bovine beauties have the good life!

The funny thing about cows is that they never complain about their looks in photos (not that I have many people who do), but the larger the bovine body, the less they seem to care about personal appearance. I enjoy the personality each one shows in their photos, too!

Ahem, you got a little feed on your face there, honey! ;)

My clients have some strong feelings about their four-legged friends. I mean, who else adds a calf to their wedding photos? I don't blame them, I would do the same.

The best cow photos are the ones with children. No matter how large these gals grow, they seem to have a special place in their hearts and a gentle soul for their humans.

Calves are the most fun! That cute little look and big dopey ears just make us all melt. Oops, how'd that "calf" get in there? ^^^

For those of you who aren't familiar with cattle, there are two types: beef and dairy. Beef cattle are different in appearance as they are more "hearty" looking with muscling and compact bodies.

Dairy cattle supply nutritious milk, and generally have a more feminine appearance in their body composition because the feed they eat goes toward milk production verses body mass.

I'm so thankful for the opportunities provided by these gentle giants and their caretakers. Happy cow appreciation day!


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