• Andrea Haines

Kaitlin + Danny = engaged

Danny and Kaitlin kick off my first series of photo blogs, so enjoy the images with me!

I'm so tickled over this cute couple! As their wedding is coming up in August, they are eagerly planning their big day. Kaitlin is a country girl and plans to have their ceremony at a local farm venue. It's so nice to be able to capture their wedding day because I know this bride-to-be from showing dairy cattle.

Her fiancee, Danny is super kind and you can tell he's head-over-heels for her. Just from meeting him a few times, I can tell that he enjoys making Kaitlin smile with his good humor. A couple that highlights the strength in each other is an awesome experience behind the lens.

I can't wait to capture this couples' wedding day. Congrats on your engagement, you two!


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