• Andrea Haines

Yvonne + Nathan's engagement

The beginning of Yvonne and Nathan's engagement session actually started out pretty gloomy, a cloud and pouring rain stood between us and the sunflowers in the fields. As I sat in my truck, wipers on, looking longingly at the big yellow flowers, I had to smile at the couple in the car next to me. They were looking up at the sky for any signs of blue skies. So we waited ... and I'm so glad we did!

After about a good 20 minutes, the sky cleared up and we were off into the fields at The Sunflower Gardens. At first glance, the scenery just popped, it has a tendency to do that right after a rain. The dust settles and colors seem to stand out.

Nathan and Yvonne strolled through the flowers, admiring the large blooms and variations in colors. What a perfect setting for an engagement session!

All types of treasures awaited every corner, from tractors to wagons, an old vintage truck and even a bathtub.

One thing's for sure, this couple has a good start on happiness! Congrats to Yvonne and Nathan.


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