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The WORD ...


As far back as I can remember, I've always had a liking for words brought to paper. The careful thought and preparation to bring a cherished point or portrayal to light is fascinating and magnetic. 


My words have always fallen on agri-intersted ears. As a dairy farmer's daughter, I extended my love for the agriculture industry with schooling and hands-on opportunity. I've had the privilege to work among some of the industry's top-known and respected editors and publications in the U.S. and internationally.


The IMAGE ...

As an image can add greatness to an article, it's only natural for the two to go hand-in-hand. My take on photography has always been one of awe and practice. Favorite images behind my lens are scenery and animals and of course, friendly faces of family and friends.

For me, my images continue on a personal basis, too. I enjoy creating memories with cards and scraps, and take on promotion through design of flyers and banners for clients.

The "AND-rea" ...

As for me, I am a mother to a joyful little boy, and wife to a wonderful husband. We live among family and friends of the industry we have served for some time and grown to love. I hope to continue to work and enjoy the clients who make my job fun!

Story of the Little Red Bird 

"Cardinals are said to appear when Angels are near!" - Unknown


My grandparents were some of my biggest supporters in my goal of becoming a journalist. I think about them often! Interestingly enough, my grandmother was always a lover of the color, red, too.

The day the paperwork for my LLC arrived in the mail, I was drawn to our kitchen window by tapping ... there sat two Cardinals (male and female) on the window ledge, looking in at me. They didn't seem afraid, just resting by the window. 

It was there and then, I decided to incorporate the little red bird into my logo. 

It's quite amazing, ever since that encounter I've often seen a red bird crossing my path when I travel to a "job" or move forward with a challenge in life. It's so awesome to see that simple reminder, a gift from above to refocus and keep moving forward.


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